Vadodara – Junagadh Trip Day 7 & 8 (Mahabat Makbara, Bahauddin Makbara and Lothal)

Bahauddin Makbara 5

Day 7: Our Last day at Junagadh, one of the best places in Gujarat. I had to visit the famous Makbaras, hence I woke early and left the hotel at 9:00 am. Mohabbat Maqbara Palace, also Mausoleum of Bahauddin Hasain, is a mausoleum in Junagadh, India, that was once home to the Nawabs of Junagadh. Its […]


Vadodara – Junagadh Trip Day 4 & 5 (Gir National Park & Somnath temple)

Spotted Deers 1

Day 4: We started at 9:30 am from Vadodara for Junagadh and reached Junagadh around 5:00 pm. We had lunch at Rajdhani restaurant near Limdi, food was average. We saw few nicely decorated camels on the way. Had dinner at my wife’s cousins place and retired early for the night since had to wake early […]